High School attitude.

Mauro Grifoni | High School attitude.

No doubt that Palo Alto by Gia Coppola is one of the most discussed movie of the last months. The young director and the eclectic James Franco, main male actor and author of the short stories collection that has inspired Gia, are only two of the ingredients of this movie's success. 

“It’s a sensitively-filmed and dreamy-looking evocation of a group of aimless teenagers, has a contemplative feel of darkness and languor, and the score is woven beautifully into the action. The music feels like an integral part of the mood of the film, as opposed to indie hits being imposed on the narrative from the outside. Palo Alto is not like other, current films about teens, films that ache with hopelessness and alienating nihilism. It sees the sweetness that is there, too, struggling to express itself, and to survive.” 

Even the costume designer Courtney Hoffman did a great work. It’s curious, but not so surprising, to find some affinities with this Fall Winter Mauro Grifoni collections: the same tone of yellow, the skirts, shoes-style...  “It’s not Glee, so I wanted the overall idea to be about these real, sweaty kids. This yellow sweatshirt [on Emma Roberts] is from Gia’s [Coppola] closet. Every day she would bring me a new suitcase of clothing to disperse through the cast” as Courtney Hoffman says. There’s no snobbery at all, everyone wear a natural high school attitude. Perfect. 

* pics’ credits: http://it.pinterest.com/maurogrifoni/high-school-attitude/

* critic’s credits: www.rogerebert.com/reviews/palo-alto-2014

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