Berlin Music Week

Mauro Grifoni | Berlin Music Week
What about moving and dancing without the right sound? 
Since we created #movingstills, we were aware that this kind of concept couldn't be silently performed and we wanted to make clear that what we were listening to while setting this project, wasn't a casual gathering of tones. 
Berlin is our city for this fall winter collection and musically speaking, we only can give you the best advice, so take this chance and book a flight to the German capital: let yourself experience Berlin Music Festival before it's gone. 
We won't miss on stage: Canadian emotional trio Austra, English fresh duo Mount Kimbie, Berlin Techno-scene Queen Ellen Allien, and last but not least sophisticated electro-laden girls Warpaint

What, when, where: Berlin Music Week, 03-07 September 2014, Berlin.

Mauro Grifoni

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