The Study of Pose

Mauro Grifoni | The Study of Pose
The "Queen of Pose": Coco Rocha went viral with a 2011 video project for Jeremy Kost where she performed 50 poses in 30 seconds.

Her range of curves and contorted twists consists in an alphabet of body movements. She has been featured in a new book photographed by Steven Sebring and titled "The Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coca Rocha": standing against a minimalist black background, Coco performs her 1.000 different angles, looking at times like a Renaissance sculpture. The inspiration seems clearly coming from Muybridge’s study called "The Human Figure in Motion", dated 1907.

"In 2014, for better or for worse, the body language of fashion is more influential than ever. Generation Selfie and the drive for instant imagery has birthed a catalogue of self-shot photography that has taken the fashion pose onto the street. Coco Rocha’s new book somehow walks the line between our new thirst for imagery and Jean Paul Goude’s “credible illusion," whilst reaffirming society's consuming interest in the ever-transformative fashion pose."

Read more on Another Mag > words by Laura Bradley and Mhairi Graham

Mauro Grifoni | The Study of Pose

Mauro Grifoni

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